Dressing to get success in interview

Prepare and practice for an interview. After the date and place are determined, allow enough time to prepare for the big day. Remember that first impressions last, so the way the applicator looks is what really matters. Employers could easily judge based on the way they dress during the initial interview.

If appearance alone commands respect, better questions and service can be obtained. It is important to consider the environment of the company interviewing you. There is no reason to overdress or dress poorly during this important day. In fact, it is a good rule to always wear appropriate attire for any situation. Often everything shines in appearance. Some might say that the person’s inner characteristics matter more, but in reality, you only have one chance for a first impression. make it count!

Although there are specific guidelines that can be followed, these do not apply to all states such as New York, for example, where people tend to wear trendy to extreme styles that are far from the common fashion rules common people know. The rule of thumb should be to wear something that can exude more confidence.

Below are the top ten do’s and don’ts during the interview:

Avoid wildly colored nail polish before the interview. The same goes for long fingernails that could easily put off some conservative employers. These must be clean and very tidy.

  • Never wear jewelry that rattles and moves while you talk and move. Try not to wear two or more rings or earrings. Piercing other than the ears is also a no.
  • Professional styling also counts
  • If you are a woman, wear closed shoes. Heels are very appropriate as this gives an individual more confidence and also provides a sense of respect once they see the person wearing them.
  • Again, for the ladies, never bare those freshly shaven legs. If possible, wear socks regardless of temperature. But make sure you don’t use flashy colors. Only wear the ones that are made for neutral looking legs. These should also match the shoes.
  • Remember that a good suit or dress also brings more confidence. This will also allow more comfort and opportunity for the applicant to respond comfortably or with ease.
  • Avoid short skirts for women. Wearing pants or leggings is a no, no during interviews.
  • Wear the appropriate blazers as long as they don’t look dated. Do not wear leather coats or jackets.
  • For men, the tie is still appropriate. Avoid wearing turtlenecks. If a suit and tie are not available, wear a white collared or long-sleeved shirt.
  • Men should not use too much aftershave lotion.
  • Women should wear bags that are not too bright and flashy. These should be conservative and match the dress.
  • Any suitcase carried must be in perfect condition.

The way a person looks equates to the message they are trying to convey. During the interview, this can be a positive factor or a major disadvantage for the applicant. Know this for sure that the way the applicant should look should be attractive, fashionable but not flashy.

Consider the latest trends in the field or location where the potential job is located. One factor that is part of how an employer selects a new employee is based on the applicant’s physical characteristics. The way the hands were shaken, the eye contact was maintained, the way the posture was maintained, the way the smile was dressed is already being classified.

Regardless of your personal professional background, inherent skills, and talents, nothing else matters if the first impression wasn’t impressive enough to grab the interviewers’ attention. This can be potential employers’ initial explanation of how an applicant will perform on the job.

Whether this assumption is “fair” is irrelevant. Do you want a job? Look the part and your chances of success are very high!

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