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1 Resume + 1 Cover Letter
ATS Analysis + Job Analysis
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2 Resume Variant + 2 Cover Letter
ATS Analysis + Job Analysis + Skill Gap Analysis
3 revisions + 3 Months Support
2 Resume Variant + 2 Cover Letter + 1 Online CV + Professional Biography + Personal Website
ATS Analysis + Job Analysis + Skill Gap Analysis + DB Salary Analysis + Job Market Forecast
4 Revisions + 6 Months Support
  • All packages include a personalised consultation session to understand your career goals, achievements and relevant. Our executive will discuss with you.
  • Submission of your current resume / cv is optional.
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 working days for all packages.
  • Rush Delivery (within 24 hours): Get faster within 24hours, with an additional cost applied of Rs. 1000/- for all packages. Contact on mail for the same.
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We ensure that successful delivery of your resume within the stipulated timeframe. We consider it as a customer satisfaction.

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Your resume will deliver only after multiple quality check, ensure that your newly made resume meets all quality standards.

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Our support team focuses on providing personalized and uninterrupted support to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Upload your resume and get free resume review report from Dutybell.

All resume review by experts include 1 page report, get  in your email.

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Our writers are highly qualified professionals and they are industry experts, Know the job market closely.

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Many writing agency never do the analysis in depth. They mix you in the crowd. We are far different from them.

Industry Demand

Our experts works a-z in identifying what your resume should entail, inline with current demand of industry.

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The team have former recruiters, resume writers and staff from technical & non- technical background.


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Some Questions Answered by our Professionals

What is the process of this service?

Pre writes

  • Collection of all required information along with your specific requirements.
  • If you have your resume, you can provide but it is optional. Our expert will call you and discuss with you.

In-depth Analysis 

  • Accessing your current situation, Find out objectives and goal setting, Identify Career Scopes, Find out opportunities, Failure Analysis, ATS Analysis.

Expert Write

  • Resume writing according to industry demands, Analysis and your requirements.
  • Our industry experts team initiate further process of Review, Analysis, design and development. 


  • You will receive the final resume approved after all your revisions have been Completed. You can do number of revisions according to the plan you purchased.
  • A dedicated career manger will provide support service according to the plan you purchased.
Most resume is available online for free,why should I take your service?

This is not a copy-paste resume from the internet. We have seen many candidate do the same mistake. Dutybell Professionally written resume service is based on ATS Check with deep analysis and beautifully designed by industry experts. It will highly beneficial to take this service rather then plagiarize resume content which is not at all ATS Friendly, also its create bad impression Infront of recruiters.

What is ATS? How does it impact?

ATS Stand for Applicant Tracking System, is a type of software used by recruiters to collect, sort, scan and rank the job applications received for job vacancies.

Your resume must often be routed with ATS - Applicant Tracking System. Your resume gets rejected long before it reaches the recruiter's hand.

If your resume is not written with ATS friendly format, chances of not getting the job, even you think you are qualified for the position.

What are the benefits of Dutybell professionally written resume?

Dutybell Professionally written resumes have the potential to stand out to employers and increase your chances of getting hired. Dutybell resume development service is a powerful resume writing service which covers in-depth analysis of career to job market, these resume are also ATS Checked, gone through multiple checks, zero error. Dutybell resumes are tailored to the specific job you are applying for, and can highlight your strengths and experience in a concise and effective manner. Additionally, you can save your time and stress by taking the burden of developing resume inline with ATS.

What are the types of analysis conducted under the packages?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Analysis:
With our ATS Analysis Service, we optimize your resume to ensure it passes through Applicant Tracking Systems. We identify and incorporate relevant keywords, format the document appropriately, and provide insights into how your resume performs in automated screening processes, increasing your chances of reaching the interview stage.

Skill Gap Analysis:
The Skill Gap Analysis service helps you identify the gaps between your current skill set and the skills demanded by your target industry or desired job role. We provide a detailed report on the skills you possess, those in high demand, and recommendations for acquiring the necessary skills to bridge the gap and enhance your employability.

Job Analysis Service:
Our Job Analysis Service involves a thorough examination of a specific job role or industry. We provide insights into the key requirements, qualifications, and skills sought by employers, helping you tailor your resume and application materials to match the expectations of the job market.

Salary Analysis Service:
Our Salary Analysis Service provides a comprehensive review of industry-specific salary benchmarks. We analyze your qualifications, experience, and industry standards to offer insights into appropriate salary expectations. This service ensures that your salary negotiations align with industry norms, promoting fair compensation for your skills and experience.

Job Market Forecast:                                                                                Research and analysis of the current job market conditions, including predictions for future trends. This service assists clients in understanding the competitive landscape and adapting their career strategies accordingly.

Resume Analysis Service (if any)
Resume Analysis service comes under all packages and it is free of cost. You can avail this service if you provide your resume. Our Resume Analysis Service involves a comprehensive evaluation of your resume to ensure it aligns with industry standards and effectively showcases your skills and achievements. We provide feedback on formatting, content, and overall presentation to enhance your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.


How can i make payment for this service?

Go to pricing on this page, selct the plan you want and procced.

You can make payment using your Debit/ Credit Card or UPI. There are no recurring or any other fees. It is one time payment.

I have purchased the service, what next?

Right after purchase the service you need to check your email. You must have received confirmation email. Our services delivery starts within 1 hour of your purchase, so wait for response from our side. 

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