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SPOC Stands for Single Point Of Contact.             

Having a single point of contact also helps you stay on track. When our client is receiving all their communication from one person OR two, they know whose messages are the most important in their inbox. That helps them stay organized.

We have large team working in various departments, without SPOC it will like moving stick in the dark. It may make confusion that, whom to contact- for what service? Or whom to contact to solve your quarry- By taking any of our services, you will get Single point of contact, which simplified and make service delivery faster. Under SPOC, we will deploy a dedicated service manager (The person whom you contact) ,works with team at the backend.

Many staffing agency directly jump into supply of candidates, but you are with Dutybell. When we say You will get verfied candidates only, it maens all candidates gone through an extensive verification process taht includes: Educational Background Verification, Work Experince Verification, Personal Idenfiable Docuemnts Verification etc. Also we will provide a reports to clients for the same.

Be ensure that our pricing structure are affordable,simple and effective. You can request quotation..

We provide staffing service in:

1- Temporary/ Contract Employment          2- Permanent Employment

Dutybell handle the sourcing, screening and selection process that includes initial interviews and skills assessments can save you time and money. 


Numerous factors are considered when selecting a candidate: skill level, experience, education, personality, work style, etc. Selecting an agency with access to a large pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds can give you a better chance of finding the right employee for your needs


When hiring managers can be confident that the candidates they are interviewing meet the requirements of the position, they can focus on next level evaluatiion of candidates personality traits such as personality, work style, behaviour, communication and problem-solving skills.

Our fee structure is simple and affordable.

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Note: there is no hidden fees, whatever is prescribed in the fee structure it will applies only