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Career Guard by Dutybell is an innovative service dedicated to safeguarding the careers of professionals across various fields including engineering, management, healthcare, IT, finance, and more. In the event of job loss, Career Guard provides immediate, comprehensive support to ensure career continuity and personal well-being.

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Save 35%
Career Guard Duration: 1 Month
Immediate, intensive career support for short-term needs. Perfect for quick recovery from unexpected job loss or transition.
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Career Guard Duration: 6 Months
Mid-term access to our full suite of career protection and support services. Ideal for professionals looking for extended support and steady progress.
Career Guard Duration: 1 Year
One-year access to full career protection and development services. Best for long-term career planning, Stay Protected for 1 year and continuous professional growth.

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Instant Job Placement: Your Career, Reimagined!

Seize new opportunities with lightning-fast job matching tailored to your skills and experience.

24/7 Emergency Support: Always by Your Side!

Round-the-clock access to expert career counselors and legal advisors, ensuring you never face challenges alone.

Now its easy to Navigate Your Path to Success!

Expert career guidance to help you achieve your professional goals and thrive in your chosen field.

Stay one step ahead in the professional industry!

By getting the benefits from this service make you stay ahed of others in the industry

Protect your career by career guard , All-in-one Career Protection Package

Your Career is Protected

Career Guard by Dutybell is a comprehensive service designed to protect and support the careers of working professionals across various fields by providing instant job placement, job change assistance, financial planning, counseling, and more.